The Unofficial Bonfante Gardens

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Welcome to The Unofficial Bonfante Gardens web site!  We're so goshdurned happy that you came to our site!

Nestled behind the strip malls of Gilroy, California is the biggest and best horticulturally-themed park ever.  Taste the freshly cut artichoke bottoms!  Smell the imported chicken fertilizer!  Meet the clinically insane rich man who made it all possible! A perfect panoply of plant-filled pleasure awaits!  Come on in and join us as we go on a whirlwind tour of The Unofficial Bonfante Gardens!

Currently, you might be wondering whether you should visit Bonfante Gardens.  Is it wonderful?  Is it freakish?  Is it overpriced?  It is all these things and more!  You're darn skippy you should visit Bonfante Gardens!  This rollicking American entertainment abomination can't exist forever!