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               EXT. CITY PARK - DAY

               A perfect suburban Saturday in the park: bright sun and green
               grass, children playing tag, bouncing a RED BALL in a loose
               circle, swinging on a jungle gym.  Their FACES radiate
               warmth, safety, fun.

               The red ball BOUNCES out of the group, and TINA runs
               breathlessly to grab it.  She catches it on the sidewalk,
               beside a neighborhood street.  TINA looks past us, onto the

               The WHEEL of a large truck turns in slow motion.  A note of
               orchestral synthesizer warning.

               TINA is curious.  Is something different about this truck?

               Now we see the entire truck: a featureless white box,
               CRUISING IN SLOW-MOTION toward Tina.  We hear a tinny, off
               key music box theme as it rolls inexorably closer.

               The other KIDS have stopped their games.  Nervously they
               assemble behind Tina, mesmerized. 

               The truck stops before them on the sidewalk.  Tina wavers.

               A large white panel on the side of truck slides noiselessly
               upward.  Inside the truck, there's a man with a spotless
               white uniform and a perfect white hat.  In his hand, there's
               a lovely SCOOP of vanilla ice cream in a lovely sugar cone.

                                   ICE CREAM MAN
                         Ice cream!

               The children SCREAM in terror!  They turn and high-tail it
               across the park at top speed!

               In slow-motion, the forgotten ball BOUNCES on the sidewalk.  

               And the ICE CREAM MAN smiles benevolently.

                                                                CUT TO:

               TITLE CARD - "ICE CREAM MAN"


                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. CABIN - NIGHT

               Crickets chirp around this moonlit single-wide CABIN.  A
               single warm light shines from a window.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. CABIN - NIGHT

               Two handsome teenagers are ensconced on a ratty couch in the
               cabin.  Leanna pushes Brian away.

                         No, I definitely heard something.

                         Hey, you're nervous, baby.  First
                         time, I understand.

                         There's someone outside.  Take a
                         look, would you?

                         There's nobody around here for
                         twenty miles in any direction.


               Brian sighs and stands.  He approaches the door in slow
               motion.  His hand touches the DOORKNOB.  Leanna shivers a
               little.  He slowly turns it... And yanks the door open...

               The DOORWAY is completely empty.

                         You see?  We're alone.

               Leanna stands and walks to the door beside Brian.

               And the ICE CREAM MAN explodes into the doorway like a jack
               in-the-box!  In his right hand he carries a perfect vanilla
               ice cream sugar cone!

                                   ICE CREAM MAN
                         Ice cream!

               From the ICE CREAM MAN'S P.O.V. we chase Brian and Leanna
               wildly around the cabin, with our vanilla ice cream cone
               extended at arm's length!  Leanna screams, cowers and dodges
               the ice cream cone in our outstretched fist.  She runs
               through the open door.  We turn away from the doorway. 
               Brian's huddled in the corner, shaking his head in an endless
               no-no-no gesture.  He twists and cowers.  We move inexorably
               towards him, holding the ice cream cone one foot from his
               nose, then six inches, then three...

               Brian screams in terror, showing us his tonsils!

                                                          SMASH CUT TO:

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               Leanna sprints through the foggy forest, panting, moaning in
               dazed terror.  She looks over her shoulder: no sign of the
               Ice Cream Man.  She's still running, looking over her
               shoulder, and her ankle twists.  She falls hard and screams
               with pain.

               Leanna grabs her ankle.  She moans and pulls herself
               underneath a large tree, next to a large pile of leaves.

               From Leanna's P.O.V. we scan the trees for something,

               Leanna tries to control her breathing.  She untenses a bit
               and her moaning ceases.  She leans her head against the tree
               and thinks.  She closes her eyes...

               And in the split-second her eyes are closed, the Ice Cream
               Man pops into frame, kneeling beside her, bearing that
               goddamned ice cream sugar cone!

                                   ICE CREAM MAN
                         Ice cream!

               Leanna screams bloody murder!  She reaches for the nearest
               object, which happens to be a handful of leaves, and hurls it
               at Ice Cream Man's face.  Ice Cream Man spits out a few

                                   ICE CREAM MAN
                         Ice cream!

               Leanna jumps up on her twisted ankle.  She grabs two handfuls
               of leaves and hurls them at Ice Cream Man.  A large clot of
               leaves hits Ice Cream Man in the face.  He lands on his back.

               Leanna, panicking, shovels leaves with both hands at Ice
               Cream Man.  Ice Cream Man flails under a small pile of
               leaves.  Another clot of leaves hits him, and another, and
               another.  Ice Cream Man is deluged with leaves.

               Leanna grabs the last of the leaves and tosses them on top of
               Ice Cream Man.  Underneath the pile of leaves, Ice Cream Man
               struggles, shudders... And is completely still.

               From Ice Cream Man's right hand, the vanilla scoop rolls from
               the sugar cone onto the dirt.

               Leanna surveys the leaf pile and the body of Ice Cream Man. 
               Then she collapses on the ground, sobbing a flood of tears.

               As her tears cease, she looks to the heartless heavens above,
               and as she does so a LEFT HAND POPS INTO FRAME. 

               This time, it holds a METAL SCOOP.

               And that metal scoop is filled with delicious vanilla ice

                                   ICE CREAM MAN (O.S.)
                         Ice cream!

               In Leanna's world, there is nothing but the ice cream scoop,
               and we FREEZE-FRAME on her perfect horror...

                                                              BLEED TO:

               TITLE CARD - "ICE CREAM MAN"


Script created with Final Draft by Final Draft, Inc.